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One free platform to rule them all

We want to support your first sale and when you need to scale. We believe in giving you the one solution that can help you build a b2b business for free.

Free platform

We offer the whole platform for free - its built to support any kind of business that wants to deal with b2b ecommerce.

Free support

Contact us if you experience any issues or have question to our platform - we are here to help. There is no limits for our support.


We want to focus on functionalities to support your business with the colours of your company and use any font that suits you.

Cloud solution

Our platform is hosted on a Amazon cloud servers go give you the best security and performance in your area and rest of the world.

Hide shop with login

All your data is hidden behind a login - all new costumers will be asked to create an account, which you as the admin have to approve before letting new clients buy your products.

Hide prices and cart

For most business owners you want to let new clients see what you offer but only registred costumers can see prices and place orders - you can easly chose the options that suits your business in your admin panel

Set credit limits

Give your costumers more options by allowing them to buy with credit and to control the credit set a max that they can buy for.

Attach documents on costumers

You have the option to attach any kind of document on a costumer. Upload any documents that you think is important. This way you will be able to track any documents that has been sent.

Create costum catalogs

You can create custom catalogs for any of your customer groups. For easch costumer group you can apply a catalog that wont be availble for the other than those assigend the group.

Bulk add to cart

Let your costumers order in those quantaties they wish. Let them use CSV or Exel files to upload their orders.

Multi inventory sources

You can create sources for your products which indicates where your products are stored. this features makes it easier for your business to locate the total stock of any products.

Razzo creditcard payment

Let your customers use creditcard payment.

Add notes on costumers

On any costumer, you can add a note if needed. This way you can keep track on any important messages from time to time.

Approve new costumers

Any costumer that creates an account on your platform will first have to be approved by you before being able to access the site.

Preorder and backorder

When creating a product you can set the option of preordering the product.

Set different taxes

Set any tax rates you need for the countries you want to operate in.

Costumer and groups

Create costumers and set them in groups to do more precise marketing.