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We have made the platform free during beta period

If you create a shop during the beta periode, we promise that the plan will always be free for you. Try setting up an account today and try for your self. 


Beta version

Free in beta version / until new year


8.99$/ month

Unlimited products
Costumer and groups
Multi inventory sources
Payment methods
Product catalog
Cart management
Custom attributes
Insights report
Shipping methods
Products with variants
Order management
Multiple currency support
Access control level
Promotion & discount coupons
Performance and speed optimized
Credit limits
Custom product pricing
Preorder products
Product SEO
CMS pages
Login to see prices
Free support

How do we make money then ?

We have created the opportunity for every Shop owner to activate our razzoPay. This will give your customer the option to pay with creditcard. This feature is nice, if you need quick payment before you ship your valuable products.


razzoPay is built upon Stripe API, which is the one of the leading platforms within online payments. The payment fee, is combined into a service fee including Stripes normal fees + our 2% platform fee. (read more about stripe here)


In the admin, shop owners have the option to select who is going to pay this fee, is it the shop owner or the customer? Which this feature the shop will remain totally free for you as a shop owner.


%2 per order

  • Stripe fees:
  • EU cards: 1.4% + 30 cent
  • International cards: 2.9% + 30 cent